Which churches are included in your dashboard?

We include churches that participated in CSU Super Sunday (www.calstate.edu/supersunday/) in 2016.

How can I get my church included in the Church Partners dashboard?

Contact us at csuexternalrelations@calstate.edu and ask about participating in CSU Super Sunday, an event promoting college readiness with church partners across California.

How was the list of my church's high schools put together? How can I help update this list?

We don't have any specific information about which high schools have students who attend your church. In order to put our website together we began by simply looking up which high schools were within 3 miles of your church and included these in your list. If you have suggestions on how we should update your list, please send them to us using the "give us feedback" link at the bottom of this page.

Can you show data for subgroups (by gender or ethnicity, for example)?

You can view the ethnic breakdown of your students who enrolled at one of our CSU campuses in the second table under the "More Data" tab of the "Enroll at a CSU" section of your church's report page. We've chosen not to breakdown other data (such as proficiency at entry) by subgroups to protect the individual privacy of your students.